Two years ago I was in a bad place. I was obese, huge, did little or no exercise and suffered very low self esteem. Then I met Jo. She has been brilliant throughout. She is very knowledgeable and inspirational. She pushes you to the limit, but only what she know you can do safely. Her expertise extends to diet and lifestyle. Today I am five and a half stone lighter, have dropped five dress sizes, have a respectable BMI and am no longer ashamed of myself. I have even begun to enjoy exercise again! I can do nothing but recommend Jo and am so grateful to her for helping me change my life around. I couldn't have done it without her!"
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We work as a team. I don’t go to her because I think it might be good for me; I go with an aim in view. We set targets and we have achieved more than I could ever have imagined. I am fitter than I was ten years ago and I have just surprised myself by managing to complete a Triathlon, aged 70. The satisfaction I gained from this was enormous. But it was great for my trainer too, because she knew that without her I could never have done it.
I recently had 7 sessions with Jo-Anne and they were always different, enjoyable and rewarding. I have now lost weight, corrected my blood pressure and feel much better all round. Thanks to Jo-Anne's encouragement I have started eating more healthily and am reaping the rewards. Highly recommended.
I have dropped several dress sizes which is absolutely brilliant, but better still, is the number of people who comment on how good I look.
Jo helped me lose weight, tone up and gain confidence... She knows how to encourage me and push me but still make each session enjoyable... She is such a personable, knowledgeable trainer, that I trust and value and her motivation and enthusiasm for a healthy lifestyle… she helped me persevere to gain results...
When I started running, I struggled to run any distance at all. With Jo-Anne's help, I have progressed to completing a 10 km race. I now often run this distance and beyond and I am working towards half marathon length. My overall health, endurance and confidence have improved. I recommend Jo-Anne most highly.
Three months ago I was clinically obese with high blood pressure and my wife was healthy but over weight. Our biggest problem has always been motivation. Since training with Jo-Anne we both eat better, have lost weight and fee much better. My blood pressure is improving. Eating the correct foods together with regular planned exercise has helped us both
Ken & Wendy
"I have attended both Pilates and Power Yoga classes with Jo and for the last year, I have also had PT. During both PT and classes, I have found jo very professional. She always finds ways to work around injuries. I felt that Jo went that extra mile. She always works with the body you have today and happily changes planned sessions to adapt as and when required. jo is very probably the best instructor I have been to, she also has a very sunny disposition and a kind heart. I would consider that anyone lucky enough to be one of her clients will achieve their aims with her support.
Phil & Ruth